Ethos and vision


At Kingswood School we strive to provide a first-class education that encourages pupils to think independently, and to develop their full intellectual, creative and physical potential. Kingswood School celebrates the individual strengths of every pupil. It is a school characterised by academic excellence and expert pastoral care. Its success is a result of the recognition of the unique worth and importance of every individual. At Kingswood School we know and support each and every one of our pupils. No effort is spared to ensure that they acquire the confidence and self-belief required for success in the world beyond school.


The work of the School’s pastoral team – made up of form tutors and the heads of the various sections of the school – is at the heart of the way we look after our pupils. Their detailed knowledge of individual abilities and talents enables them to monitor pupils’ progress very attentively, and help them cope successfully with the educational and personal challenges they will meet in secondary schooling.

We give pupils individual attention and guidance and try to ensure they acquire the sensitivity to people’s needs and feelings that is required if they are to live happily with others.  Younger pupils benefit from working with senior pupils in initiatives such as the peer-mentoring scheme. They also develop positive relationships with older pupils through their participation in a number of extra-curricular activities and games organised by senior pupils.


Pupils are encouraged to play their part in developing a positive school community through their participation in assemblies and the School Council. By knowing every child socially, emotionally and academically, we can be sure that each pupil will flourish and acquire the confidence and self-belief to achieve a fulfilling and successful future.

Joy of Learning

Kingswood School enables children at a formative stage in their lives to experience the joy and excitement of learning in a school which celebrates individual strengths and talents and allows pupils to develop the confidence, motivation and ambition that are the hallmarks of our school.

Feeling Safe
Kingswood School provides an environment in which all its members feel safe, valued and respected. In addition to a sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others, pupils are encouraged to accept personal responsibility for their own actions, and to treat all property with due care, irrespective of its ownership. The School celebrates achievement and promotes pupils’ achievement through praise whenever appropriate. Behaviour (such as bullying, insensitivity, discrimination, bad language or acts of intolerance) that could undermine the happy environment that is such a hallmark of Kingswood School life is simply not accepted.

Learning Support
The Class Teachers work closely with the School’s SENCo to help pupils with specific learning needs to understand and master aspects of the curriculum they find challenging. Teachers also collaborate in identifying gifted and talented pupils, devising programmes which ensure that the breadth of enrichment opportunities offered meets their diverse requirements and that these pupils are given every opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Enrichment opportunities


All pupils have the opportunity to develop existing interests and nurture new ones through a variety of clubs and enrichment activities, which operate during lunchtimes and after school. These reflect the talents and interests of the staff and pupils, while some will also involve the input and expertise of external specialists and senior-school pupils. The extra-curricular clubs will start for Year 1 pupils and they could range from Dance and Drama to Chess and from Tae Kwondo to Spanish and “Mad-Science”.



Happy Boys

Inspectors' Observations
At Kingswood School, the happiness and welfare of every pupil is of the utmost importance. In May 2018, the Ofsted inspection team noted the excellent quality of pastoral care at the School and commented on how the outstanding support and guidance that the pupils receive is rooted in the excellent relationships between all at the School. The whole school benefits hugely from the exceptional expertise that Kingswood School has developed in terms of its pastoral care of pupils.