KS1 Curriculum

KS1 Curriculum


The infant classrooms are spacious, attractive and well resourced. The family atmosphere within the school is created by friendly, welcoming staff and lively, happy children. Parents are encouraged to become involved in the life of the school and work in partnership with teachers and support staff.


Teaching and Learning


In the Infants strong emphasis is placed on acquiring new skills in an enjoyable and absorbing way. Literacy and numeracy are given high priority but a broad and balanced curriculum is vital for the development of the whole child and physical, creative and artistic work of all kinds is encouraged.


Children learn through exploration and enquiry; the creative curriculum enables all children to fulfil their potential, academically, creatively, physically and socially. As the children work both independently and collaboratively, they develop a real love of learning and the skills to make them life-long learners.


Children are taught in small classes. They benefit from specialist teachers for Dance, Swimming and Singing.  All infants are members of the Lower School Choir.