A message from the Headmaster

Head Pic


I enjoy working with young people of all ages and I strongly believe that education is about assisting children in the formation of their characters in addition to merely teaching them new skills and concepts. Indeed, I feel that it is a privilege to be involved in the education of the next generation.


I believe that every school should be a warm, caring atmosphere in which children have the confidence to try out new things without fear of failure. In addition, I feel that every child is an individual and that it is important to get to know what makes each one 'tick' if one is to help them to achieve their potential.


I strongly believe in bringing up young people in an atmosphere of mutual respect, self-discipline, pride in achievement and thoughtfulness for the needs of others.


I passionately believe in the ability of small schools to provide the nurturing, family-type environment that is so important to children's confidence and well-being. Only when children are truly happy in school can they start to achieve their academic and personal potential.


If you are interested in the type of personal attention we could give your child, then please do come and visit us. I look forward to meeting you and discussing how Kingswood School can cater for your child's needs.